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Yamaha T25 High Thrust Outboard Overview

What Makes It Unique?

yamaha t25 high thrust outboardWe all have our own vision of a perfect day on the water. So Yamaha has made a range of high thrust outboards that have the muscle to move heavy pontoons and sailboats or to be your kicker for a full day of fishing. The Yamaha T25 High Thrust Outboard is a great kicker motor for any angler. The T25 and others in this category are unique as they are a four-stroke, serving up twice the thrust as the comparable two-stroke. To set the T25 High Thurst Outboard apart even more, it comes equipped with a dual propeller system. This redirects exhaust flow away from the propeller, reducing ventilation and increasing thrust up to 60% in forward and 70% in reverse.

Yamaha T25 High Thrust Outboard

The innovative four-stroke T25 Outboard is packed with features to help set it apart from the competition.

  • Engine Type: 4 cyl.
  • Displacement: 60.8 ci (996 cc)
  • Bore x Stroke: 65 x 75mm (2.56 x 2.95)
  • Prop Shaft Horsepower: 60hp @ 5500rpm
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
  • Fuel/Induction System: EFI (SOCH)
  • Exhaust: Through Propeller
  • Intake: Single Throttle Valve
  • Ignition System: TCI Micro Computer
  • Spark Plug:DPR6E-B9-00-000
  • Alternator Output: 17A
  • Starting System: Electric with Power Trim & Tilt
  • Lubrication: Wet Sump
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 2.1L/1.9L w/without filter
  • Full Throttle RPM Range: 5000-6000
  • Cooling: Water/Thermostatic Control
  • Recommended Engine Oil: Yamalube® 4M (See owner’s manual)
  • Recommended Fuel: Regular Unleaded (Minimum Pump Octane 87)
  • Recommended Fuel Filtration: Yamaha Mini 10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating Filter (external)
  • Ethanol Blend Limit: 10% Maximum
  • Gear Ratio: (28:12) 2.33:1
  • Gear Shift: Forward, Neutral, Reverse
  • Shaft Length: 20 in.
  • Degree of Tilt: 69°
  • Degree of Trim: -4° through +20°
  • C.A.R.B. Rating: 3-Star
  • Dry Weight: 119kg (262 lbs)
  • Steering Angle (maximum): 40° from center, either direction
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Pleasure Boat – 1 Year Limited Commercial

The Bottom Line

The Yamaha T25 High Thrust Outboard is going to get the job done for a kicker on the back of the boat. It works well for trolling or for needed to move the boat a short distance. Once you go four-stroke you’ll never want to go back.

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