June 25, 2015 Share

Maintenance Matters: Winterization Fogging


Winterization of your boat’s motor is crucial to maintaining performance and eliminating problems come spring. Today’s fuel contains ethanol and impurities which can cause buildup and breakdown in fuel lines and cylinders. When the temperature drops and you will no longer trailering your boat to the water, it’s time to start the winterization process.

This process includes using YamaLube Engine Storage Fogging Oil to protect your engines pistons, cylinder walls, and valves from corrosion and buildup. Before you begin fogging, treat the fuel in your tank with YamaLube Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner Plus. Run the engine until the fuel stabilizer has circulated through the fuel line and into the valves.

Start with mixing a quart of fogging oil with two gallons of untreated gas. Ideally you should have a separate fuel tank for this specific purpose. Prior to starting your engine, install the outboard flushing device and connect it to a water supply. At this point, make sure to remove the prop blade to allow the fogging agent to escape. With the engine in neutral, run at a fast idle. When the engine starts to smoke heavily, the engine is properly fogged and you can shut it down. This normally takes around 10-15 minutes. Shut off the water supply and re-attach the prop.

When it comes to achieving peak performance, maintenance matters.