What Makes It Unique? Yamaha has a versatile selection of midrange motors including the powerful Yamaha Outboards F90. The nimble F90 is quiet, clean-burning, and a reliable performer. Since the F90 motor features a 16-valve, Double Overhead Camshaft design it

What Makes It Unique? We all have our own vision of a perfect day on the water. So Yamaha has made a range of high thrust outboards that have the muscle to move heavy pontoons and sailboats or to be

What Makes It Unique? The Berkley Havoc line combines professional bass angler experience with Berkley’s legendary innovation. The Berkley Havoc Boss Hog is no exception as it was designed by Pro Bass Fisherman, Gary Klein. Because of this the Havoc

What Makes It Unique? The Berkley PowerBait Rib Worm is apart of the infamous PowerBait line of baits that provide irresistible scent and flavor with their exclusive formula. Designed to perform, a key feature of the Rib Worm is the