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Why do anglers need better crankbaits? About 100 yards off the end of my dock is a weed bed that holds fish year-round. Local anglers know it, so I wasn’t surprised yesterday when three different boats fished it in the

Lessons learned in cold, clear waters for early-season jerkbait bass This past February, on a bitter cold morning better suited for hot coffee and a roaring fire, I met Elite BASS Pro Chad Grigsby at a just-opened Perkins to outline

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When it comes to keeping drinks cold or hot Yeti has it down to a science. Many of their loyal fans will agree with me when I say that Yeti is the best insulated drinkware on the market. For this

Steve here. This week’s Win What Works giveaway is for all you cold-weather fisherman. Trilene Cold Weather fishing line is specially formulated for winter weather, with low memory even in sub-zero temps. We are giving away one spool each of 4-,

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Benefits of integrating today’s underwater cameras with chartplotter/sonar combos in open water   By Steve Pennaz   I was about 10 years old when I saw a TV program about a Florida tourist operation with glass-bottom boats. I can remember thinking: Wouldn’t that be cool? Even then, my goal was to catch more and bigger fish, and a transparent-floored boat seemed like a good way to learn more about fish location and behavior. Now, decades later, my dream has come true. I’m fishing out of a glass-bottom boat… Okay, not literally, but outfitted with a unique combination of compatible electronics,

Berkley Lightning Rod combos offer performance and value Columbia, SC Columbia, SC – The Berkley® Lightning Rod® is a staple among all anglers whether just starting out or at the top of their game. The new Berkley Lightning rod combo gives anglers the rod they’ve trusted for decades in a combo they can count on for many years to come. Offered in three low-profile and three spinning combos, the Lightning Rod reels feature EVA handle knobs, which add comfort during long days on the water. The low-profile baitcast reel has a ported aluminum spool, a four-plus-one bearing system and an