The Warm & Fuzziest Hand Shake You’ll Ever Receive

Destin, FL (September 24, 2019) – Everybody owns one of those super-soft, ultra-cozy fleece pull-overs, right? The garment that greets you like an old friend. Warm and comfortable as your favorite blanket. Looks good, too; fits like it was made just for you.

All of the above perfectly describe the fit, feel and function of Fish Monkey’s new Task Fleece Fishing Glove, an ideal complement to those cooler fall days on the water and as easygoing as an old hat.

Composed of advanced Tec Fleece, the Task Fleece Fishing Glove is tailored for maximum dexterity while casting, setting the hook and performing other critical angling functions. The high-end fleece material also offers specialized wind-blocking properties above and beyond its exceptional warmth and heat retention.

“I’ve worn a lot of fleece-style gloves over the years, but none of them fit or perform, from a fishing standpoint, even close to the Fish Monkey Task Fleece Fishing Glove,” says Hall of Fame angler and host of Lake Commandos TV, Steve Pennaz.

“The first thing you notice about all Fish Monkey Gloves—the Task Fleece certainly included—are their remarkable second-skin fit. From each fingertip all the way to your wrist, there’s zero slop in this glove—feels like it was designed to match my hand. Each finger fits comfortably snug, allowing you to manipulate a reel handle with ease. The elastic wrist is tapered so it conforms to the contour your arm, locking in heat.”

Beyond the Task Fleece Glove’s sound fit and supreme comfort, Fish Monkey also stitched in a synthetic leather palm with a non-slip silicone grid that assures a rock-solid grip in all conditions. “The difference between this and other fleece gloves is that you can fish with it on your hands, instead of taking them off after a boat ride,” adds Pennaz. “That sounds simplistic, but only the Task Fleece Glove gives you a sticky grip, whether you’re clutching the boat’s steering wheel, tiller handle, your rod, or the net. And the synth leather palm is soft and pliable, so it empowers your hands to perform tasks, rather than getting in the way.”

Like its other angler-centric glove designs, Fish Monkey went above and beyond with extras such as a touch-screen compatible index finger for seamlessly manipulating your sonar screen or dialing digits on your phone.

“This is my go-to glove for those in-between seasons—fall, early and late winter and even early spring,” notes Pennaz. “It’s a perfect medium-weight fleece that’s not too thick. Even when it gets a little damp, it still keeps your hand nice and warm and continues to perform.”

New for fall 2019, the Task Fleece Fishing Glove (MSRP $26.95, sizes M-2XL) features Fish Monkey’s “Cold Busting Technology,” wrapping your hands in total warmth and comfort, letting you focus on casting lures and catching fish. Look for Fish Monkey’s full line of angler-centric hand wear at your local retailer or visit for more information.

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