All Nets Are Not Created Equal

Grand Prairie, TX (April 13, 2020) Fishing Hall of Famer Dale Stroschein is amazed by anglers that pay huge sums of money for a boat and motor and go the cheap route on two essentials- a rain suit and a landing net. If you fish often, you’re going to be in some adverse weather, and a superior rain suit is mandatory. Likewise, a quality landing net comes in handy at the moment of truth. You shouldn’t skimp on either.

Frabill’s new line of landing nets includes four different models- the Bear Claw, Trophy Haul Power Extend, Trophy Haul Manual Extend and the Predator. The Trophy Haul series comes in four different hoop sizes- 19 x 21-inches, 21 x 24- inches (a go-to size for walleye and smallmouth anglers), 24 x 27-inches, and the mammoth 27 x 30-inch Predator for muskies, pike and salmon.

“A great feature on the Trophy Haul series is something we call Mesh Guard,” said Stroschein. “Mesh Guard is built into the hoop and prevents the net bag from being exposed on the hoop and adds rigidity.” The hoop also features reflective tape around the top to illuminate the hoop and aid in the netting sequence during low-light conditions.

A lot of thought went into the asymmetrical design of the net bag on the Trophy Haul line of nets. “The advantage of the asymmetrical bag is it automatically slides the fish to the back of the net and down and centralizes the weight under the yoke, making it easier for the angler to get the fish into the boat,” said Stroschein. The net bag on the Trophy Haul net series is also rubber-coated to help prevent hooks from getting tangled in the net.

A net is only as good as its handle. “The handle on the Trophy Haul series is extremely sturdy and provides a natural gripping point,” said Stroschein.” The Power Grip yoke takes the strain off the handle, provides two lift points and allows a natural transition to the yoke for wrestling even the biggest fish into the boat.”

A lot of fish are lost right at the boat when anglers stab at the fish, the bag becomes caught on something in the boat, or the bag extends out in front of the net and hooks the lure in the fish’s mouth. A clever D-ring on the bottom of the bag of the Trophy Haul net permits you to trap the net against the hoop and prevents snagging on things in the boat or hindering the netting process.

Some of the best fishing action takes place during low-light situations or after dark. Several of the Trophy Haul nets have built-in LED lights in the yoke. With the simple press of a button, you can illuminate 1, 2, or 3 LED lights to take the guesswork out of spotting your trophy. The lights are waterproof and feature an auto shut off.

The Bear Claw is the smallest net in the Trophy Haul line. The Bear Claw net is available in two versions, with and without a light in the yoke. The compact one handed design of the Bear Claw net acts like an extension of your arm, stows easily and is the perfect choice for canoe, kayak and stream anglers.

The fact the Trophy Haul nets are made high-quality aluminum make them perfect for saltwater applications, too.






Trophy Haul Line Features:

  • Trophy Haul Standard
    • Handle 48″,
    • Hoop sizes 18″x21″, 21″x24″, 24″x27″
    • MSRP $79.99
  • Power Extend
    • Handle 38-72″
    • Hoop sizes 18″x21″, 21″x24″, 24″x27″
    • MSRP $129.99
  • Predator
    • Handle 72″
    • Hoop size 27″ x 30″
    • MSRP $169.99
  • Bearclaw
    • Handle 18″
    • Hoop size 14″ x 18″
    • MSRP $79.99