Fish Monkey High-Fives!


Destin, FL (July 30, 2019) – News flash. Fishing gloves are fast becoming standard on-the-water equipment—as elementary as a pair of premium polarized glasses. Nearly two years ago,Fish Monkey Gloves owner Tim Mossberg recognized a niche and an opportunity to give anglers the hardcore fishing gloves they’d long been asking for—the exact opposite of all those repurposed batting gloves, biking gloves and general “outdoor” gloves. With well over twenty situation-specific angling gloves designs and counting, Fish Monkey has emerged as the undisputed category leader . . . the fishing glove company.


Fresh off another exceptional ICAST show, the high-tech glove designers now realize they entered the market at the perfect time.

“As we’ve grown and expanded our premium line of fishing-focused gloves, we’ve actually seen significant growth in the category itself,” notes Mossberg, a veteran angler and expert in apparel design. “I don’t think it’s any coincidence that our success coincides with increasing demand from retailers and consumers, USA- and worldwide. Whether it’s for sun or cold weather protection, or to enhance fishing performance, anglers are turning to Fish Monkey gloves by reputation—because of the way they fit and function while fishing. That’s precisely what we deliver.”

Yeti Premium Ice Fishing Glove

Yeti Premium Ice Fishing Mitten

Foremost among several new designs unveiled at ICAST, Fish Monkey’s Yeti Premium Ice Fishing Glove and Mitten, available fall 2019, were met with high praise from media and retail buyers alike. “We looked at the existing lineup of ice fishing gloves in stores and recognized a lack of a truly high-level, intelligently engineered design,” says Mossberg. “In crafting, testing and manufacturing the Yeti Series, we implemented the same attention to detail and fitting process that’s made every other Fish Monkey glove design a success.”

The Yeti Series, Mossberg notes, features exclusive thermo-conductive technology that yields warm, dry hands at all times. “The inner fleece lining is imbued with a specialized ceramic dust that absorbs and redistributes heat from your hand all throughout the glove and into your fingers. It’s remarkable technology first used in high-end outerwear, and ice anglers are going to love it.”

Based on feedback from top ice anglers like Steve Pennaz, Tom Neustrom and Brian Brosdahl— who contributed valuable design intel— and from key buyers in northern and Canadian markets, the Yeti Series promises to be a major player in the 2019-20 ice market. New Task Fleece Fishing Gloves, Monkey Hands Glove Liner and Yeti Fleece Face Guard and Balaclava will also arrive in stores this fall—gifting anglers with expanded, enhanced protection from all outdoor elements.

New Marsh patterns highlight the Free Style Glove and Face Guard.

Additional new products, such as the Free Style Custom Fit Glove, Full Finger Wooly Glove andFace Guard—plus a host of hot new glove colors—received similar encouraging feedback from ICAST attendees.

“As part of our ongoing product and market research, our team is always testing gloves from other brands,” notes Mossberg. “In every case, we identified issues with fit—particularly what we call ‘palm slop,’ caused by excessive material in the palm section. At ICAST, many of our buyers and pros pointed out what we had accomplished: that Fish Monkey Gloves eliminate all these major and minor problems. So what the angler ultimately puts on their hand is a perfectly fitting, grippy glove that feels like a second skin. This also means no loss in sensitivity when casting and handling a fishing rod.”

Fish Monkey’s new Voodoo Swamp Red pattern.

From Fish Monkey’s centrally located ICAST exhibit, Mossberg reported constant traffic and visits from top-quality buyers and individuals. “Everyone in our booth was busy, open-to-close of every show day,” he recalls. “We had valuable meetings with key new domestic accounts, as well as strong interest from international buyers and dealers, including companies from Central and South America, Mexico, South Korea, Australia and Europe.

“We’re on to something good here. But in truth, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our goal, as always, remains to take fishing glove design, fit and performance to the highest level, and to give anglers in every situation the perfect product for hand-to-hand combat.”

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