Lake Commandos host, Steve Pennaz shares how he would use the brand new Berkley Powerbait Fight’n Bug. Cast the Berkley PowerBait Fight’n Bug out on a jig or use a Carolina Rig for deadly results. The thin appendages create some

Yeti Rumbler Tumbler Challenge Call me a skeptic. Maybe even a cynic. It could be an age thing; I’ve been around long enough that I judge performance in years, not days. And it’s not what it costs, but what it’s

What Makes It Unique? The Plano Liqua Bait Locker Wallet is a truly versatile storage system. You can safely store everything from baits to wallets and keys in a waterproof storage container. We love to pack it full of key

For optimal efficiency and performance, your propeller must be correct for your horsepower and designed for your application. Once you’ve selected the right propeller for your boating style, a little maintenance will ensure a lot of efficiency. Remove it. Periodically