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Yeti Rumbler Tumbler Challenge

Yeti Rumbler Tumbler Challenge

Call me a skeptic. Maybe even a cynic. It could be an age thing; I’ve been around long enough that I judge performance in years, not days. And it’s not what it costs, but what it’s worth. My bride understands this of me, but even she finds it odd that I could get worked up about a tumbler. Yes, a tumbler. But it comes down to my appreciation of performance. When I find a product that performs at a level above every other product in its category, I will invest because it offers lasting value.

yeti rumbler tumbler

Yeti Rumbler Tumble

But a tumbler? I expect two things from a tumbler, insulation and containment. In other words, it should keep hot things hot and cold things cold. When I go to take a slug of whatever I’m drinking I don’t want anything dribbling down my chin or on to my favorite fishing shirt. I have been torturing a 30-ounce Yeti Ice Tumbler for 6 months. To date, there has been zero leakage. Better yet, the insulation qualities are outstanding. Last summer on a day that topped out at 86 degrees, I loaded the Yeti Tumbler with ice and water and placed it outside. Twenty two hours later I opened the lid to discover there was still ice floating. I had to laugh to myself — about a tumbler. Never thought I’d use to term high-performance to describe drink ware, but the Yeti Rumbler Tumbler is exactly that.