August 30, 2015 Share

Steve Pennaz: Berkley PowerBait Fight’n Bug

Lake Commandos host, Steve Pennaz shares how he would use the brand new Berkley Powerbait Fight’n Bug.

Cast the Berkley PowerBait Fight’n Bug out on a jig or use a Carolina Rig for deadly results. The thin appendages create some of the most realistic and erratic arm movement that we’ve seen on a “craw style” bait. The action was mimicked after a fleeing crawdad that is trying to escape while defending itself with erratic arm movements. These are deadly on both largemouth and smallmouth all across the country.

As far as presentation goes, you really can’t fish this bait incorrectly. Pair it with a jighead (see below) or rig it with a 4/0 hook in either a Carolina or Texas configuration. Remember, the arms of this bait don’t require a ton of movement for the bait’s action. Fish it slowly through heavy cover or on deep weed edges for the best results.

We like to rig the Fight’n bug with a 1/4 oz. jig and fish deep, submerged cover and rock humps (especially for smallmouth).