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Berkley PowerBait Ripple Shad Overview

What Makes It Unique?

The Berkley PowerBait Ripple Shad is available in varied sizes from 2-5 inches. The same great bait design in all these sizes allows you to target a variety of species without having to constantly switch techniques. This swimbait is ideal for running over shallow flats or slow rolling deep weed edges.

Ripple Shad

Berkley PowerBait Ripple Shad in Florida Junebug

Ripple Shad

Berkley took the Shad design to the next level with a unique segmented body design and powerful PowerBait attraction.

Crappie, Perch, Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass

Jighead, Swimjig

Blue Silver, Fire Perch, Firetiger, Florida Junebug, Glow/Chartreuse, Green Back Pearl, Green Ghost, Holographic Gold Black Back, Louisiana Purple, New Penny, Orange Pearl, Pearl White, Pink Shine, Racy Shad, Rainbow Trout, Smelt, Uncle Rico

Easy rigging and irresistible PowerBait scent technology. Excellent tail action and wobble from unique segmented body.

  • Unique segmented body for more vibration and swimming action
  • More surface area for better scent dispersion
  • Lifelike body/color detail and 3D red eyes
  • Exclusive PowerBait scent and flavor

The Bottom Line

The ultimate, high-action swimbait. The Ripple Shad comes in multiple sizes allowing you to target anything from crappies to large pike. The segmented body design not only creates an intense swimming action but it also features more surface area for more scent dispersion. Slow roll it through a weed edge or over the tops of shallow weeds and hold on!

Price: $4.99