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Here is your chance to Win What Works for Steve Pennaz! BRAND NEW Berkley PowerBait Power Tubes, Pro Shads, and Shaky Snakes are up for grabs. These baits aren’t even on the market yet but you can win them here!

What Makes It Unique? The Berkley PowerBait Ripple Shad is available in varied sizes from 2-5 inches. The same great bait design in all these sizes allows you to target a variety of species without having to constantly switch techniques.

What Makes It Unique? The 5 in PowerBait Flatback Shad was designed to target larger freshwater walleye and pike but don’t think largemouths, smallmouths, and musky are immune to this bait. The versatility of the Flatback makes it a joy

Meatless Walleye Rigs

Want to catch more walleyes? Leave the live bait at home! Like a lot anglers in the heart of walleye country, Steve Pennaz finds himself using live bait less often when pursuing ol’ marble eyes and is electing more and