Originally Published on Jun 28, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports Last night something large and heavy swallowed a jig I’d toss to the outside edge of a deep weedline. At the hook set, the fish didn’t budge much, then

Originally Published on Jun 23, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports Friday night I spent a couple hours chasing walleye on a busy metro lake near my home. In short, fishing didn’t meet expectations…we landed just one, and a few

Originally Published on Jun 14, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports The bluegills are bedding in big numbers right now around the Pennaz dock, which means sunrise and sunset usually find Maddie and Pierce catching gobs on while tossing small

Originally Published on Jun 9, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports Yesterday, I taped a segment for North American Fisherman TV on a local bass lake with Greg Huff, who oversees the NAFC’s Facebook site. The show concept was simple: