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Giant Muskie Terrorizes Pennaz Kids

Originally Published on Jun 14, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports

The bluegills are bedding in big numbers right now around the Pennaz dock, which means sunrise and sunset usually find Maddie and Pierce catching gobs on while tossing small jigs tipped with Gulp! The kids stopped counting at 109 over a week ago, but I can assure you based on the number of fish I witnessed caught in just 15 minutes the other day they have released at least a couple hundred in the past few days. The last thing you’d expect to find cruising under my dock would be a giant muskie…

On light tackle the fish fight well, too.

Which brings me to Friday night, about 8:00 pm. I was on the dock with the kids when Karen walks out to see what’s happening. She stopped short of half-way out before blurting, “Look at the size of that muskie!!!”

And it was huge, measuring easily 50 inches and weighing 35 pounds or more! And it was sitting in three feet of water literally under my dock.

Instinctively Pierce backed up while Maddie tried to figure out how to get the beast to open its mouth as it slowly moved away.

The fish was clearly drawn by the bluegills the kids had been catching and like a shark must have followed one to the dock in the moments before Karen arrived.

Now Pierce refuses to swim and Maddie is obsessed with catching the giant. Karen even dusted off her old muskie rod!