Karen looked at me with her soft brown eyes and said, “I’d really like fish for dinner tonight.” Well, it was mid-afternoon on a hot August day and my first thoughts were that a batch of fried crappie did sound

It pushed well up onto the 80′ in many areas of the country this past week, including the upper Midwest. The bright sun sure makes the changing leaves incredibly beautiful, however, October heat can definitely make fishing tough. Big temperature

Sonar Advice

Years back, a sage angler friend suggested I turn off all the automatic features on my sonar and play with features like sensitivity to learn as much as possible about what was beneath my boat. It was great sonar advice

Originally Published on Nov 1, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports I never really bought into the theory that the best way to save deep-hooked fish was to cut the line and release the fish with the hook still buried.