February 14, 2016 Share

When to Use Mono Ice Fishing

When to use mono ice fishing? It all comes down to application.

It’s really hard to beat a good monofilament when fishing in shallow water, say under 20 feet. Advanced products like Berkley Micro Ice have low memory and stay pliable in cold weather. And although monofilament typically absorbs some water, the formulation of Micro Ice absorbs less, meaning it resists icing and getting caught in spring bobbers and guides. It also has some stretch, which also puts the odds of landing fish in your favor. I almost always use mono when fishing crappies for this very reason. They call them “papermouths” for a reason.
These days, 3-pound Micro Ice has become my go-to for shallow-water panfish fishing. It’s skinny enough that fish aren’t line shy and strong enough to land those bonus bass, pike and walleye that come along—if my drag is set up properly.

– Steve Pennaz