High speed spinning reels continue to evolve, help anglers up the odds By Steve Pennaz There have been significant advances made in reel design over the last several years. Today’s reels are smaller, lighter, stronger, smoother and, in many cases,

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Bass fishing fans get a taste of competing on the Bassmaster Elite Series trail, without having to qualify or pay entry fees, by playing Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing. The free fantasy game opens today at Fantasy Fishing

Via OUTDOORHUB – Apparently catfish in Europe are getting so big that they have started clogging dams. The Local reports that a 7-foot, 200-pound giant catfish was found recently by a cleaning crew in the Danube River in Austria. Workers

When to use mono ice fishing? It all comes down to application. It’s really hard to beat a good monofilament when fishing in shallow water, say under 20 feet. Advanced products like Berkley Micro Ice have low memory and stay