January 6, 2016 Share

When to Use Super Line Ice Fishing

When to use super line ice fishing? Deep water and when you require a nearly zero-stretch hookset. It’s super line time. – Steve Pennaz


I use superline when fishing 30 feet or deeper because the lines offer superb sensitivity at those depths. Likewise, because there’s almost no stretch, hooksets are immediate even at depths of 40 feet and more. Keep in mind that at these depths light penetration is often limited anyway, so the more visible aspect of super line doesn’t come into play.




The nice thing about super line is you can up your break strength, too. Most super lines also offer considerably smaller line diameters for comparable break strength, which means you can go up in test for peace of mind. Also, the small diameter means it cuts through the water easier, so can get your bait back down to fish in deep water faster. For those rare situations where water visibility is still very clear below 30 feet, I simply attach a fluoro leader to the super line via an Aquateko Invisaswivel.