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PowerBait Flatback Shad Overview

What Makes It Unique?

The 5 in PowerBait Flatback Shad was designed to target larger freshwater walleye and pike but don’t think largemouths, smallmouths, and musky are immune to this bait. The versatility of the Flatback makes it a joy to fish. Take it to deeper water and fish submerged structure with a heavy jig or run it over the tops of weeds in a shallow flat to target cruising pike.

Flatback Shad

PowerBait Flatback Shad in Pearl Blueback

Flatback Shad

Berkley took the Shad design to the next level with vibrating action and powerful PowerBait attraction.

Large Walleye, Northern Pike

Medium-Large jighead

Gizzard Shad, Pearl Blueback, Rainbow, Senorita

Easy rigging and irresistible PowerBait scent technology. Excellent tail action and wobble.

  • Handpoured multi color lamination and vibrating actions attracts fish
  • Ideal for targeting larger freshwater fish like big walleye and pike
  • Shad style body and tail preferred by top pros

The Bottom Line

If you are targeting large walleyes or pike, the Flatback Shad has to be in your rotation. Paired with a large jig head, the Flatback easily swims through deep weed edges and can be used to target deep structure. The side-to-side tailer action is irresistible to gamefish. We’ve even used it to catch pike in shallow flats by running it over the top of shallow weeds. Multiple retrieve techniques can be used. You can’t fish it incorrectly.

Price: $4.99