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Garmin Nautix: Hands-Free In-View Sunglasses Display for Boating Data

Garmin International Inc., today announced the Garmin Nautix™, a hands-free in-view display that enhances mariners’ situational awareness by putting important information in their line of sight1. The versatile design of the Garmin Nautix attaches to most sunglasses and it displays key boating data including speed, heading, water depth and temperature, wind direction, engine RPM, and more from a compatible on-board device. The Garmin Nautix is being announced in conjunction with the Miami International Boat Show, and will be on display at the Garmin booth #C480.

“The Garmin Nautix is another example of our innovative head-mounted display technology that’s purpose built and designed for dedicated activities like cruising, fishing or sailing,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “Boaters can now have a continuous view of critical boat data at all times, which is beneficial in a number of on-the-water situations, including when you’re looking for fish and want to see a change in water temperature or depth; if you’re a sailor to start a race and need to see the countdown timer; or if you have to hand over the helm to someone else for any reason, like to drop anchor.”

Featuring eight hours of always-on battery life and a durable, weatherproof design, the Garmin Nautix is built to withstand the harsh marine environment. Its glove- and wet-weather friendly touch panel can be used to rotate between data displays, and its adaptable mounting style allows it to attach on either arm of the glasses with a fully adjustable arm and eyepiece for optimum display position. Weighing approximately only one ounce (29.7 grams), the Garmin Nautix is designed for comfort. Its integrated ambient light sensor and color display ensure readability in all conditions, and it can be worn with polarized and prescription lenses.

Connect the Garmin Nautix with a compatible chartplotter or instrument to receive information from up to 12 different data screens. Users can easily view streaming boat data including speed and heading, speed over ground, wind angle and speed, water temperature and depth, engine RPM, and distance and bearing to next waypoint. Sailors can even view advanced racing data, including countdown timer, time to burn, and start line information.

The Garmin Nautix is compatible with the GPSMAP® 7400/7600 series and the new GPSMAP 8400/8600 series. It’s expected to be available in April with a suggested retail price of $399.99. Learn more here.

Recently, Garmin was named Manufacturer of the Year and received the honor of being the most recognized company in the marine electronics field by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA). Garmin’s portfolio includes some of the industry’s most sophisticated chartplotters and touchscreen multifunction displays, sonar technology, high-definition radar, autopilots, high-resolution mapping, sailing instrumentation, and other products and services that are known for innovation, reliability, and ease-of-use.



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