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Favorite Fish Batter!

Originally Published on May 17, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports

In my fridge, next to a gallon of milk and a bag of carrots, is a sealed gallon bag holding fillets of four walleyes and two perch landed Sunday. We had intended to gobble them down last night, but Maddie had a volleyball tourney that lasted until 9:15 and by the time we got home it was simply too late to eat.

So tonight, we feast!

Over the years I have tried maybe 50 different fish batters ranging from plain flour, salt and pepper, to beer batter, and all are good. But I’ve grown particular in my tastes given that I eat fish less often than I’d like, so when I get a chance at fresh fillets, I make sure each bite is insanely good.

My favorite fish batter recipe starts with 100% boneless fillets, which means I remove note only the rib bones, but also the little pin bones left behind when you remove them. To get ‘em all, I pinch the tail at the lateral line, then split the fillet in half by pulling it in two (which is easy when the fillet is fresh). The bones usually stay with one half of the fillet and are easily removed with a sharp fillet knife. I then dip the fish in an egg/milk mix, before coating with the batter.

For batter, I use a combination of Shore Lunch batter (www.shorelunch.com) and Corn Flakes Crumbs (available already crushed in most grocery stores) mixed 50/50. The mixture combines great flavor with a great crunch and texture when the fish is fried golden brown in either peanut oil or vegetable.

If you can beat this recipe call … we need to talk!