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Drop Shot Rigging

Drop shot rigging isn’t just for fishing deep cover. From filming episodes of Lake Commandos, it is apparent that a drop shot works from shallow water beds to the deepest cover. We have shown time and time again the versatility

  Winterization of your boat’s motor is crucial to maintaining performance and eliminating problems come spring. Today’s fuel contains ethanol and impurities which can cause buildup and breakdown in fuel lines and cylinders. When the temperature drops and you will

What happens when you dump two expert anglers on unfamiliar water and tell them to conquer it … and each other? By Steve Pennaz   A Texas buddy of mine and I pulled up to a bar that started in

  Most gasoline contains ethanol, a powerful solvent, which attracts water. You can take steps to avoid performance issues, or even damage your outboard. I recommend installing a marine fuel/water separating filter. It removes debris from your fuel as small