Tips & Tricks

  As you can tell from the Lake Commandos television show, Steve fishes some pretty skinny water. And while he doesn’t fret about a little paint missing off my skeg, he does care a lot about lower unit care. The

  Your outboard’s power tilt and trim unit uses hydrolics to change the angle of thrust for maximum performance from hole-shot, all the way through top end. Simple maintenance will keep the unit running trouble free. Periodically lube the tops

Meatless Walleye Rigs

Want to catch more walleyes? Leave the live bait at home! Like a lot anglers in the heart of walleye country, Steve Pennaz finds himself using live bait less often when pursuing ol’ marble eyes and is electing more and

The thing I like about the Carolina rig is its versatility. You can tweak the sinker size, leader length and hook as needed, and there are so many different baits that work on it. -Steve Pennaz Tweaking the Rig For