Ice Fishing

Bro Road Show

“BRO ROAD SHOW” – ICE FISHING’S BLACK FRIDAY …AND BEYOND ‘BRO ROAD SHOW‘ KICKS OFF ANNUAL, EDUCATIONAL RETAIL TOUR ICE BELT, USA (October 25, 2016) – If a singular, larger-than-life personality applies to ice fishing, it’s certainly Brian “Bro” Brosdahl—a true

When to use mono ice fishing? It all comes down to application. It’s really hard to beat a good monofilament when fishing in shallow water, say under 20 feet. Advanced products like Berkley Micro Ice have low memory and stay

When to use super line ice fishing? Deep water and when you require a nearly zero-stretch hookset. It’s super line time. – Steve Pennaz   I use superline when fishing 30 feet or deeper because the lines offer superb sensitivity

When to use fluoro ice fishing? When finesse is a priority. Today’s fluorocarbons handle much better in cold weather than early formulations and in situations that require the ultimate in finesse it’s the line I go to. Nearly invisible thanks