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World’s Largest Circle Hook

Originally Published Jul 25, 2012 on “From The Dock” on NBC Sports

What kind of hook do you need to hook, land and release giant white sharks? Maybe the world’s largest circle hook? That’s the question that faced Chris Fischer, founder of OCEARCH, a non-profit organization dedicated to researching ocean giants.

So he contacted Mustad & Sons, maker of hooks used by anglers around the world.

Imaging building a hook strong enough to hold sharks that can exceed 20 feet in length and weigh more than 5,000 pounds, yet also allowed fish to be unhooked and released quickly and with minimal harm.

Photo Credit: Mustad

Photo Credit: Mustad

Mustad responded by hand-crafting giant hooks using the proven design of their Demon Perfect Circle hooks as the model. Said Jeff Pierce of Mustad USA said on their website, ” Our research allowed us to determine the ideal shape of a circle hook that offered the optimum hook-up percentage and very high degree of jaw-hooked fish. This design includes a steep front angle and 96 degree point angle. So with the hook design resolved, our engineers developed statistical models to determine wire thickness and bend out strength. “

Mustad built giant circle hooks in two sizes – 27/0 and 31/0. The 31/0 hook feature wire diameter of 1 inch, and measures more than 14″ long and 12″ wide. With attached chain it weighs an amazing 14.5 pounds!

Fischer’s crew uses the 27/0 hook most often, and the new 20/0 version (model# 39937NP-DT) when fishing smaller tiger and hammerhead sharks, fish that can exceed 1,000 pounds.