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Power Trim and Tilt : Maintenance Matters

Power Trim & Tilt

Check the hydraulics. A PT&T unit is electro-hydraulic, meaning an electric pump moves hydraulic fluid, which moves the outboard. This simple, reliable system needs only minimal maintenance under normal conditions.

Grease the rams. Periodically lubricate the tops of the rams and their contact points using Yamalube® Marine Grease. It’s formulated to withstand extreme pressures and resist corrosion and “wash-away,” even in saltwater environments.

Check the rams. They should be free of corrosion and show no signs of fluid leaks. If leaking is present (which usually causes the outboard to return to the “down” position by itself over time), have your authorized Yamaha Marine Dealer check the system.

Check fluid levels and top off. Periodically check the fluid level in the PT&T unit, and if low, top it off with Yamalube® Performance Power Trim & Tilt Fluid. Non-foaming, it resists the intense heat and pressures found in PT&T systems, providing smooth operation and reduced wear. It’s also excellent for use in marine power steering systems.

When it comes to achieving peak performance, maintenance matters.

Check out the full list of maintenance tips from Yamaha Outboards

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