June 18, 2015 Share

Maintenance Matters- Lower Unit Care


As you can tell from the Lake Commandos television show, Steve fishes some pretty skinny water. And while he doesn’t fret about a little paint missing off my skeg, he does care a lot about lower unit care. The lower unit converts the power of your outboard engine to the propeller. Without it, you go nowhere.

It’s really smart to visually inspect your lower unit each time you come off the water. In fact, check it every time you trailer your boat. If you find anything wrapped around the prop shaft, such as fishing line, remove it immediately. Also, periodically check the color of your lower unit’s gear lube. If it’s milky in color, have your outboard professionally inspected by an authorized dealer for possible water intrusion. If it looks or smells burnt, replace it immediately with YamaLube Marine Gear Case Lube.

Steve changes his gear lube in his lower units every fall as part of his winterization program. When it comes to achieving peak performance, maintenance matters.