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Froggin’ and Other Topwater Tips

Originally Published Jun 20, 2012 “From the Dock” NBC Sports

Fishing topwater is a personal favorite technique. Who doesn’t like seeing big bass blow up on a bait as you work it over a grass mat or areas of slop? I look for small holes in the grass and then work the bait so it moves through as many of them as possible because odds are, that’s will you’ll find the fish.

The best frogs, and there a several good ones on the market, are built to get through the thick stuff without hanging up, yet collapse on the strike to increase hook-up rates.

When fishing frogs, consider the advantages offered by braid over other line options. Unlike fluoro, it doesn’t sink, and unlike mono, it doesn’t stretch, which means braid helps you keep a bait on the surface, even with slower retrieves, and once you do hook a fish, you have better control of it with a heavy braid. The lack of stretch makes it easier to keep the fish on the surface, where it is less apt to hand up.

A long rod, something with a faster action and medium-heavy power, and measuring 7 feet or more, is another great selection for fishing frogs. I find the long rod gives great casting distance and keeps more line out of the water than shorter sticks.

Unlike other topwaters, frogs works well throughout the day, even when the sun is high and clouds are few. –Steve