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Why do anglers need better crankbaits? About 100 yards off the end of my dock is a weed bed that holds fish year-round. Local anglers know it, so I wasn’t surprised yesterday when three different boats fished it in the

Lessons learned in cold, clear waters for early-season jerkbait bass This past February, on a bitter cold morning better suited for hot coffee and a roaring fire, I met Elite BASS Pro Chad Grigsby at a just-opened Perkins to outline

Frabill Citadel design solves multiple ice fishing frustrations I remember the first portable fishhouses to hit the ice. Mere canvas stretched over makeshift aluminum poles bolted to primitive plywood frames, they nonetheless got us out of the wind and cold.

High speed spinning reels continue to evolve, help anglers up the odds By Steve Pennaz There have been significant advances made in reel design over the last several years. Today’s reels are smaller, lighter, stronger, smoother and, in many cases,