Frabill Citadel design solves multiple ice fishing frustrations I remember the first portable fishhouses to hit the ice. Mere canvas stretched over makeshift aluminum poles bolted to primitive plywood frames, they nonetheless got us out of the wind and cold.

Think about things that fit hand-in-glove. Consider how a matched clip or magazine slides up and into a firearm, immaculately marrying form and function. Or the precise pound-test fishing line spooled expertly on a liquid-smooth spinning reel. You get the

Available October 6, 2015 What Makes It Unique? The Berkley Bad Shad comes in two sizes: 2 inch and 2.75 inch. These size options allow you to fish a wide variety of fish without having to compromise and completely switch

What Makes It Unique? Havoc Pro Scott Suggs designed this bait to be the ultimate shallow water flipping and pitching bait. The Havoc Change Up tweaked the crawbait body design to accommodate larger 5/0-7/0 hooks. This allows you to fish