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Here’s a tough question for you: Does a superline line like SpiderWire sink or float??? The answer? It floats. A scientist like Berkley’s Joe Meyer, who manages product innovation for superlines, will test you water has a specific gravity of

Originally Published on Nov 30, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports The quickest way to start a fight is to say something is better than something else; in the process you’ll likely step on some toes. Well, I just finished

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Originally Published on Jun 30, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports Once a year the fishing industry gets together to showcase the greatest new products being launched, and the event, ICAST, will be held in steamy Las Vegas in a

Originally Published on Aug 5, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports It’s impossible in the space here to provide full coverage of the dozens of new hard baits unveiled during the 2011 ICAST show, so I’m not even going to