May 5, 2014 Share

Plano Liqua Bait Locker

Steve Pennaz, host of Lake Commandos gives some insight on the new Plano Liqua Bait Locker. It is a great tackle box for soft baits because it keeps all the soft bait liquid in and won’t leak all over your boat or tackle box.

Steve also tells us some other uses for the Plano Liqua Bait Locker such as a safe place for phones, wallet, and keys while kayaking or canoeing.

If you have ever had a bottle of simulated live bait spilled on the floor of your boat, or had one of the bags dry out…. then you understand the value of the Liqua-Bait Locker System. The Liqua-Bait Locker System (LBL) has been developed to contain the liquids and the odors associated with simulated live baits as well and ensuring their freshness for continued use. Manufactured out of Duraview the LBL systems will withstand the beating that anglers can put on their equipment. The Dri-Loc O-ring seal makes all components of the LBL system leak-proof and airtight, keeping your baits fresh and your tackle box and boat odor free. While the noncorrosive pinned hinges provide a strong solid hinge that will last through years of use. Designed utilizing the footprint of a 3700 StowAway Utility box allowing these products to fit into any bags designed to carry three or more 3700 size utility boxes.