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Frabill Drainer Bait Bucket Redesign

Plano, IL – Your dad probably had one; grandpa, more than likely; great grandfather, for sure. And they’ve always worked without fail.

Well, sort of…

What are we talking about? The drainer minnow bucket. You know, the metal or plastic bait pail with separate, inner strainer tub that fits snugly inside. The latter you lift to grab minnows without dunking your hand, or take all the way out while scooping fresh water from the drink to help keep the dozens of little heavy breathers happy. It’s a simple design that has stood the test of time, to say the least.

But earlier models weren’t perfect. Every time the sieve was lifted from its outer armor, water would literally shoot out from the sides and soak your feet while pouring onto the boat’s floor. And then there’s the case of taking multiple types of live bait to the lake and having containers scattered here and there, or always searching for your tiny tote full of terminal tackle or jig heads.

With these bait fishing burdens fresh in your brain, let us introduce you to Frabill’s new Drainer Bait Bucket, redesigned for 2016 to keep water where it belongs, and to provide storage for more than just minnows.

“The Frabill Drainer Bait Bucket is a great device for keeping minnows within reach in the boat or on the dock,” says Director of Brand Management – Fishing for Plano Synergy, Ryan Olander. “Water is released through the very bottom of the inner drainer and back into the bucket. And the design is more complex than a few holes drilled in the underside, but planned out so that that one container can be separated from the other without the suction that can occur with other designs.

“And then there’s the technically-advanced compartmental lid this style minnow bucket has never had before; it’s perfect for storing a couple dozen leeches or crawlers or for keeping terminal tackle and tools organized.”

The new-and-improved Drainer Bait Bucket’s lid also comes complete with a clip-on bracket for an external aerator (sold separately) and hose hole so air stones stay put and hoses don’t become kinked—perfect for keeping those expensive minnows alive when transporting from the bait shop to the lake.

Frabill Model 4800 Drainer Bait Bucket

  • 2-gallon capacity
  • Interior Minnow Trap
  • Upgraded lid with storage compartment, aerator clip-on bracket and hose hole
  • MSRP: $15.99

Incorporating highly functional updates to a classic design, Frabill’s new Drainer Bait Bucket is one of five all-new innovative and economical bait bucket designs for 2016; a series that also includes the Aerated Bait Bucket, Bait Bucket, Insulated Bait Bucket and Dual Bait Bucket. Learn more at