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Fishing Lake of the Woods Muskies

Originally Published on Sep 12, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports

As the sun turned orange and then sank behind the massive white pines towering over one of the 14,000 islands here, Scott Boos tensed in the back of the boat and hissed, “there’s one” as he plunged the tip of his rod in the water and began the first turn in a figure 8.

Muskie anglers live for the rush of a muskie follow. In a very real sense its the closest thing to becoming prey many folks will experience. It’s like watching a lion or leopard stalking its prey…and it’s you.

We raised five fish this afternoon fishing for Lake of the Woods muskies. None ate. The smallest went maybe 15 pounds; the largest maybe 25-26 pounds.

We did jig up six big lake trout this morning before we started muskie fishing. I also set a personal record for highest price paid for a gallon of gas…$1.95 a liter or just under $8.00 a gallon.

We are leaving early in the am to get back on the trout before 7:00 tomorrow morning. Given we have a 27-mile run each way, leaving early will be must.