Down Periscope?

Ingenious Aqua-Vu® XD Pole Camera Adaptor reaches out and reveals fish in previously inaccessible locations

Crosslake, Minn. – Beneath the surface, things rarely match the imagination. Consider the waterscape beneath a boat dock. Any idea what’s down there? Nope, but sure would like to know. What about that big sunken tree you’ve tried to fish? Who knows what might be living in that snag-infested thing. Any bass below that patch of lily pads? Crappies hiding in the cabbage?

What sonar can’t show, Aqua-Vu can. The innovative underwater viewing company, Aqua-Vu now gives anglers and aquatic explorers the ability to literally reach out and spy on fish in those difficult-to-reach locations. The new XD Pole Camera Adaptor connects Aqua-Vu optics to any threaded telescopic pole. Think of it as an underwater telescope, bringing remote fish and hard-to-reach sweet spots within visual range.

Suddenly, professional and recreational anglers can go underwater, see fish and immediately understand those previously mysterious fishing spots.

“The XD Pole Camera Adaptor has given me a totally new application for my underwater camera,” says Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Ott DeFoe. “I can poke the Aqua-Vu right up under a thick mat of vegetation or beneath a row of boat docks, and confirm right away whether any bass or baitfish are in the vicinity. It’s an awesome prefishing tool because I can find good fish or eliminate unproductive water without even making a cast.”

For use with all Aqua-Vu XD cameras, the Pole Cam Adaptor instantly slides on and off the optics via the patent-pending Quick-Attachment™ slide rail. One of several new Aqua-Vu XD accessories, the XD Pole Cam Adaptor works with any standard threaded pole. DeFoe often transforms his telescopic Superstick® push pole into an underwater probe, attaching his Aqua-Vu HD camera to the end. Similarly, Florida based angler Joe Balog simply uses a telescopic painter’s pole, found at most any hardware store.



“I love fishing boat docks, skipping jigs and soft plastics way up under those big shade-producing platforms,” says Balog. “But it wasn’t until I started looking under docks with my Aqua-Vu that I really understood their underwater layout The pole camera really opened my eyes and showed me all the little sweet spots. I can see right where the bass and baitfish position on them and exactly how to pick them apart with my casts.”

Inspired by demand from tournament bass and crappie anglers, the new Aqua-Vu XD Pole Cam Adaptor (MSRP $29.99) provides an exciting means of silently probing and peeking beneath boat docks, brush piles, vegetation and other shallow cover. It is also ideal for checking boat hulls and engine lower units. Now compatible with all current Aqua-Vu LCD systems, plus the new Multi-Vu XD, the XD Pole Camera Adaptor is one of several modular underwater viewing accessories available at

“Sonar alone isn’t always enough to tell you those vital details, such as fish presence, fish species and the layout of underwater cover,” notes Balog. “I’ve got my Aqua-Vu mounted right up in the bow beside my sonar, which gives me the best possible underwater view, no matter where I’m fishing.”





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