Steve here, Recently I’ve been using Berkley’s metered FireLine and I got to say it is my new go to for trolling and jigging. Metered FireLine has five different colors that change every 10 feet giving you a good idea of

On this week’s Win What Works, you have a chance to win two Berkley Dredgers. These deep diving baits have a weighted bill so they go to the target depth faster and stay down there longer. The body shape creates the   This weeks Win What Works you have a chance to win 4 different Berkley panfish baits! All these baits are very effective in both cold and warm water fishing. The baits include a 1-inch Minnow, Swordtail, Mayfly, and

Article originally published 04/26/12 on NBC Sports : From The Dock I was at Berkley’s Spirit Lake, Iowa, facility a few days back for a meeting. I love walking into that building because it simply reeks fishing, and I’m not