By: Steve Pennaz By late summer, most lakes have strong populations of fish holding on deep, off-shore structure. It’s safe to assume that soaring water temps are one reason species like bass move out. But it’s not that simple. Bait

Metered FireLine Offers Anglers Multiple Benefits By Steve Pennaz Before you go any further, it’s important that you know this about me … I miss opportunities. Often. Hey, I could have bought Amazon stock when it was a mere $71.0 a

Article originally published 04/26/12 on NBC Sports : From The Dock I was at Berkley’s Spirit Lake, Iowa, facility a few days back for a meeting. I love walking into that building because it simply reeks fishing, and I’m not

Steve Pennaz, host of Lake Commandos talks about the new Berkley Gulp Marinade. Steve shares a story on how scented baits really work and the best way to use the new Berkley Gulp Marinade. Get ready to catch A LOT