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Originally Published on Aug 9, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports Karen turned off the air conditioner last night about 8:00. It was the first time in days we figured sleep was possible without it as we have been under

What Makes It Unique? The Berkley Havoc line combines professional bass angler experience with Berkley’s legendary innovation. The Berkley Havoc Boss Hog is no exception as it was designed by Pro Bass Fisherman, Gary Klein. Because of this the Havoc

It hit me last evening that the open water season, at least in my neck of the woods, is almost over. Pulling the boat seems like an inevitability. Two nights back I listened to the flute-like call of migrating tundra

Originally Published on Nov 18, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports The standard recommendation for catching crappie, and November can be a solid month for slab on many of the southern reservoirs, is to downsize and fish light jigs. But