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Here is your chance to Win What Works for Steve Pennaz! Up for grabs is a YETI Coolers hat and drink jacket, a bottle of Yamaha Outboards Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner Plus, two packs of Berkley Fishing Gulp!, a

Meatless Walleye Rigs

Want to catch more walleyes? Leave the live bait at home! Like a lot anglers in the heart of walleye country, Steve Pennaz finds himself using live bait less often when pursuing ol’ marble eyes and is electing more and

Two factors greatly impact walleye fishing success, yet most walleye anglers don’t even consider them. The first is fishing pressure and it is more intense than anglers realize. Consider Minnesota’s famed Mille Lacs: last year alone anglers invested 3.05 million

What Makes It Unique? The Berkley Gulp! Alive Fat Bottom Shad is a stand out in the Gulp! Alive series that is quite possibly the best alternative to live bait ever created. All Gulp! Alive baits, including the Fat Bottom