On Water

Two factors greatly impact walleye fishing success, yet most walleye anglers don’t even consider them. The first is fishing pressure and it is more intense than anglers realize. Consider Minnesota’s famed Mille Lacs: last year alone anglers invested 3.05 million

Old standby used in ways never considered…to quickly fish submerged weeds By Steve Pennaz The roads I’m taking lately tend to end at boat ramps descending into waters so fertile the only thing greener than the grass is the water.

How up-sizing can work magic on heavily pressure waters, especially during “heat fronts” By Steve Pennaz Fish studies confirm that bass can become conditioned through continual exposure to baits. Especially on heavily-pressured waters, bass do learn to avoid baits. Berkley’s

Rethink spoons as an effective search bait for cold-water bass By Steve Pennaz When most anglers think of spoons, images of grandpa’s tackle box and Canadian fishing trips come to mind. Or maybe deep vertical jigging for bass on reservoirs.