As far as excitement goes, it’s hard to beat sight fishing the shallows for cruising bass or schools of fish. Spotting that distinctive black shadow of a fish on the bottom in clear water adds a whole new level of

If you have spent time searching for a new fishing reel online or in your favorite store you may have become overwhelmed with your options. Forgetting different reel styles, the multitude of gear ratios can have you scratching your head

How To Build Pattern

Angling writer Don Wirth is a long-time contributor to North American Fisherman and several other top angling publications. He’s also a passionate angler, especially when the target of choice is largemouth bass. Years back, I fished giant stripers with Don

Originally Published on Dec 13, 2011 “From the Docks” NBC Sports When you break a jig to its component parts—-lead, hook, skirt and trailer—there’s really nothing to suggest that by combining these items you’d end up with one of the