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Originally Published Jun 13, 2012 “From the Dock: NBC Sports When I was a wee lad of 12 or so, my buddies and I use to stalk the banks of the Mississippi river and other waters within biking distance from

Originally Published Jun 14, 2012 “From the Dock” NBC Sports When the news came out of Abu Garcia that they were in the midst of a complete redesign of their Revo line of baitcasters, I must admit to a bit

When the EWG (extra wide gap) style of worm hooks really became popular, I loaded up on them in several sizes for fishing worms, craws, lizards, tubes and other soft plastic baits. I like the concept behind the EWG-style hooks

Originally Published on Jun 25, 2012 “From The Dock” NBC Sports One of the good guys has died. Iconic angler and writer Homer Circle passed away unexpectedly early Saturday at age 97. The web is now loaded with tributes for