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What Makes It Unique? Yamaha has a versatile selection of midrange motors including the powerful Yamaha Outboards F90. The nimble F90 is quiet, clean-burning, and a reliable performer. Since the F90 motor features a 16-valve, Double Overhead Camshaft design it

For optimal efficiency and performance, your propeller must be correct for your horsepower and designed for your application. Once you’ve selected the right propeller for your boating style, a little maintenance will ensure a lot of efficiency. Remove it. Periodically

Power Trim & Tilt Check the hydraulics. A PT&T unit is electro-hydraulic, meaning an electric pump moves hydraulic fluid, which moves the outboard. This simple, reliable system needs only minimal maintenance under normal conditions. Grease the rams. Periodically lubricate the

Your outboard’s lower unit is vital to its overall performance. Simple maintenance procedures, regularly performed, will mean hours of trouble-free enjoyment and increased value. Maintain lower unit Regularly inspect the lower unit following these steps: Remove the prop and apply