Win What Works Weekly

This week you have a chance to win a pair of fillet gloves from Fish Monkey. The gloves are cut resistant and have a textured non-slip grip on the palm. They are a must for fish cleaning and handling. Enter

Steve here, Recently I’ve been using Berkley’s metered FireLine and I got to say it is my new go to for trolling and jigging. Metered FireLine has five different colors that change every 10 feet giving you a good idea of

On this week’s Win What Works, you have a chance to win two Berkley Dredgers. These deep diving baits have a weighted bill so they go to the target depth faster and stay down there longer. The body shape creates the

Frabill and Plano both have great fishing gear. In this week’s Win What Works you will be able to choose between a Frabill and Plano hat. Which one would you pick? Enter below to WIN! *your name and email is